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04 Oct 2016
The Unsaid 'You'

I know.
I liked you from the start.
I cared for you always.
I know, what I know.

Have you ever wondered?
That I would like to know you.
And just so you know
Like me or not, I like you.


I heard.
They spoke of what you did.
I care not, if it is true.
You have me, to concede.

Oh please!
If silence helps, I will keep mum.
But think not
That I am one among them.


I lived.
Not knowing, where you are.
If you are to return
A home awaits you here.

Thank God!
It hurts to hear you cry.
Just so you know
I am still here for you.


I waited.
Pondering about your looks.
The last person had left.
Still there was no sign.

Can it be?
May be you never called.
Mind playing its games.
I wished it was all real.


I panicked.
Police on the door
Said they were not sure.
They asked me to come.

You looked charming as ever.
I bite down on the truth.
I never knew, what you knew.
And now, I will never know.

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random ideas life tech all-posts search contact