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11 Jul 2016
Remembering Chennai with SVG

Note: If you are viewing from your mobile, you may not be able to see the animation properly. Sorry about that.

Marina Beach

This is was one of my favourite places to visit in Chennai. Beaches are in plenty in Chennai. When you live in Chennai, you don’t apppreciate their value. But when you move further inland, you miss the ocean. I made the above SVG just to take a moment to go back to some of the best memories. It was made using https://github.com/maxwellito/vivus

Mad Fans of Chennai

I am not a cinema fanatic. I do watch movies then and now, but Chennai is in love with cinema. They are hardcore fans and you are not allowed to say anything against their favourite actors. When I thought of making the above SVG, I thought to myself, “I will pick one or two actors and make something out of it”. I ended picking up six. Some would say that I missed their favourite actor, sorry in advance. I just wanted to play with SVG. This was also made using Vivus.

I also wanted to make an SVG animation on the famous share-auto-rickshaws of Chennai using http://snapsvg.io/. I couldn’t think of anything. If you have any ideas, do let me know.

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tech random ideas people life all-posts about subscribe search