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25 Oct 2015
An Intro to Cloud


The term, “Cloud” is something that that is heard repeatedly and still remains ambiguous.


Newbies / Beginners in Cloud, Iaas, Saas, Paas, openstack, openshift, aws and what not.

What is this Cloud?

Say you lived in a 10 floored apartment. Each floor has 10 rooms. Each room has computer (of some sort). If all the computers are connected, then you have a network. If you compare your apartment with the entire planet, then this network would be called internet.

But some of these computers are special. Some have extra storage, extra processing power and so on. Now assume you are going to run a business in this apartment, and you need to pool the resources, so as to perform a task or provide a service. You are now entering the world of cloud computing. You may call this abstract pool as a Cloud. In the real world, these computers are located at remote locations and creating a pool of resources or rather accessing them quickly is tricky. It needs a particular setup which in turn needs a set of tools. I am going to stop there and leave you to research further.

Right, so what is it exactly?

Services of the Cloud
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Ok, we have to talk technical now. You must have used Gmail or Google Drive. Basically you are using a software made by Google over the web. In other words, Google is providing a service through the public cloud. What type of service? software. You are also accustomed to using Office tools. The Saas version of it is Office365. Hope you got the picture about Saas.

Now all these software must run on a platform. This platform is an ecosystem that might consist of an operating system and other libraries. That is Paas. Examples would be Heroku, openshift, Google App Engine. This platform enables developers to work on the software and deploy very quickly.

Now coming to the hardware. The operating system or Virtual Machine runs on a physical device with processors, memory and storage space. This is nothing but the infrastructure – Iaas. Different business has different requirements. Customizing hardware is the new challenge in Cloud. Openstack and AWS are the major players here.

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tech random ideas people life all-posts about subscribe search